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Okay I just found out that the UIRT wouldn't work out due to not being supported by Microsoft. So I guess I would have to find something else to use instead. Hmmm...
I'm thinking about purchasing the VAIO VPC-L117FX/B which is the new touch screen all in ones with media center capabilities. However, I don't see an option where you can connect an IR Emitter to it to control a cable box from within Windows Media Center. Would it be possible to purchase a USB Ir emitter like UIRT to have the computer communicate with the digital transport adapter (DTA box)? But still use the remote that comes with the computer to control everything? ...
I can't even access my account online (convenient huh?). What are the current yearly and lifetime rates for sirius? Not sure if I should renew or cancel. If I called to cancel, what are the current promos to keep me on board? I really don't like the idea of having to pay additional $ for internet streaming. Also, is something like best of XM included or yet another monthly add-on?? Mike
That costco deal is really good! I wonder if the discounts (rebates) are indicative of a newer version coming out soon as this model has been out for awhile I believe.
Did these DS3's ever get released yet to North America? Or are we still playing the waiting game? I want these in my new HT!
I have no idea but were you thinking of something like bookshelves and floorstanding speakers? for a total of 4 perhaps?
I'm looking at these DS3's... Any new info on them yet? And is that per speaker or per pair?
I was thinking that this would be a good set. However, I have seen threads of 'bad' westy's. Is this one of the models affected? There are so many models though that I get confused with which one has what feature or is rated as 'poor' Mike
Is there going to be a successor to the w3? Just wondering as this thread goes WAY Back....
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