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Remarkably enough, after I replaced the bulb as I posted above, the nag message appeared just a few weeks later! I went into the menu and reset the timer and am still very happy with my JVC.
My credit card company offers a service called 'Shop Safe.' It will create a separate credit card number with any limit I select good for two months. I used Shop Safe with a limit of $10 to set up Roku. You may wish to check to see if your credit card company offers a similar service.
I just had the same experience. Mine looks very, very fine.Very easy.I bought this and, so far, it's just fine. It is inexpensive so I will probably order a second as a spare. http://www.amazon.com/JVC-TS-CL110UAA-Replacement-Housing-Warranty/dp/B0055KD9Q2
I bought an Oppo BDP-83 in August 2009. I have been amazed and thrilled by the audio and video quality. Very recently, obviously out of warranty, the tray began to refuse to eject about 50% of the time. After reading several threads here about the same issue, I emailed Oppo. Within hours, I received a reply requesting that I return my player for service. There was no mention of cost. I returned it and it remained in Oppo's hands for one day before I received another email...
Frankly, that's the opposite of my experience. I have a TV, AV pre-pro, a blu-ray player, an HD-DVD player (yes, yes, I know), a DirecTV receiver, a DVD recorder and a Roku2. After a couple of trips through the setup software, everything works perfectly. I couldn't ask for more.
OMG! My Visa card can't take it any more!!
I just finished watching my copy. Thanks, Walmart, for your pricing error! The 3D effect was reproduced as well as in the theater as best as I can recall. I noticed some slight anomolies that I attribute to putting 3D glasses on over regular glasses. The sense of depth was quite remarkable, adding considerably to the overall look of the film. I noticed realistic depth and little or no annoying pop-out. The train wreck scene appeared to pop out slightly, however, it was,...
Does it help to "Input Tuner" a second time?
The top model also has 802.11b/g/n wireless. Many players, game machines, and other devices do indeed have streaming capability, including Netflix. However, when I bought my Roku 2, I didn't own any such devices; $99 was a bargain to me. I compared all the similar devices and the mix of available channels (including private) was the best match to my needs.
And it works fine for me. I don't think I'd get even faster service even if it was available for a reasonable price.
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