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That is in fact the question and I agree that it doesn't mean he may not be brought back "in service" to Hydra. For now it remains one of those unknown elements that the show has the option to bring back at any point. And I personally like having the possibility of Deathlock resurfacing in future episodes causing havoc basically against his will. At least initially.
I don't know about it being removed but as far as him being controlled by it I don't think it's an issue. One other scenario; however, could be that while Deathlock was "released" by the "Clairvoyant", should Hydra end up against the ropes at some point, they could perhaps reestablish a link to Deathlock (or however that would work) and get him to do their bidding against Shield.
You would think he would have enough of an ax to grind to turn against Hydra. Perhaps not "join" SHIELD but be an ally at least in the vigilante sense.
Yeah he's still out there but presumably no longer under "control" of the "Clairvoyant".
When you think about it that's a lot of weight to carry to keep a consistent feel for the MCU storyline until Avengers 2. But right now they're carrying it well especially considering there have been no real movie character appearances.
I agree that ultimately it's a positive thing that we're actually discussing the show. And not to pick it apart as in the early days. But not to worry, I'm sure the season ending cliffhanger will be something about award that will piss is all off and we'll be back to crabbing about it again. I also wonder about where they're taking it. Going back to that disjointed serial feel is not a preference of mine either. Frankly when I think back to the first half if the...
I won't say that's not possible but with the think-tank behind this production it's hard for me to believe that they'd give the viewer an intentional mislead like that to make the story work out. I would like to think they'd do something similar to the fight scene with Ward two weeks ago. They simply cut to Skye in the closet with fight sounds outside and Ward walking in moments later. Shortly after that Ward is all of a sudden a bad guy. They didn't show, for...
Confirmed her suspicions because she thought Coulson was Hydra?I do seem to vaguely recall there was information on The Bus that Hand wanted. Not 100% on that but it does sound familiar to me. And you'd figure at this (or that) point, Hand would assume everyone was Hydra and try to flesh them out or isolate who remains SHIELD. If she wasn't able to recall Garret's plane (kinda sounds familiar too) then that probably would have been sufficient for her to take action...
For some reason I actually can't remember how she came into custody of Garrett. Or what was said in terms of her knowledge. But I suppose what you say is possible. But didn't she think Coulson was Hydra? She was bringing The Bus back on auto pilot and not trying to shoot it down. Perhaps because she wanted to find out the alliance of the rest of the team? But then again, she would have known the drones were shot down and Garrett's plane docked with The Bus. If...
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