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"Doesn't like the Patriots..." Bang!
Lol, I actually totally missed that! In was so focused on trying to figure out alternative story lines I guess. Yeah it was only a two seater but he was walking out "with or without them" regardless. Funny.This is up there with the two guards at the too of the fridge. Someone else mentioned this. Helicopter or not a real facility like that in a real organization like SHIELD, even especially so, wouldn't have opened the door. And certainly wouldn't have given...
So who was giving the imbedded orders to Deathlock?
As far as Ward's actions as of late, do you guys think there is some connection to his relationship with Skye? And by relationship, I don't mean it by any romantic measure (that's one thing I did think was stupid about the last episode btw). But rather who she is, who she might become? Is her origin something Hyrda may have known about or suspicious of and they needed a way to get close to her (through Ward)? I know it's all speculation but I was just wondering if any...
Clearly a money grab which is why Feldman has pushed it so hard for 20 years. If I had to guess it'll be the original Goonies have to go save their children the new Goonies from...that rich kid who's name I can't remember now who now owns a bank or something and is still holding a grudge.
I'm a huge fan of Goonies but I'm honestly not understanding this move. Seems to me any story concept would be forced. Donner and original cast or not, it's hard for me to see this working.
I think the clairvoyant is making you say that to throw the rest of us off the scent.
I'm still thinking the clairvoyant thing is somehow tied to Zola and the whole algorithm thing. I mean, the "clairvoyant" in and of itself still may have been a wild goose chase so to speak but I just think there's a bigger tie in to it all beyond this show. And I still have those questions about why Garrett was fired on after he left The Bus before all hell broke loose. And lastly, that last fight Ward had....when they cut how he got out of that jam and they just...
It all really makes me wonder if there was something more in Cap2 that would give insight into the whole Clairvoyant thing.
Is it Tuesday yet?
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