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Big name? Kevin Bacon. . Surely he got promoted after Colonel Jessup was sent to prison in A Few Good Men. Seriously, back in the slow start days of the series, I always felt like voice cameos from Fury or Stark would be cool. It would include them but not in an overly obvious way. In many ways I feel like including the main movie characters would be obvious, forced and make it all seem cheap. Hawk or Widow in brevity (no action) I think would work. I do think...
Now we all know you're not supposed to think about this kind of stuff.
Is anyone else running a Samsung Blu ray player along with the BD Wise function? I'm just curious of others opinions. Because it was included with my tv deal (along with the keyboard) I haven't even tried my PS3 yet because I'm finding it to be a performing pretty well despite its price point.
Just chiming in again for many still having "calibration" challenges. My opinion, I find that the only true basis for evaluating this set is via Blu ray. And even then, you'll find a certain degree of variation between BD players and personal preferences. That being said, those differences are vastly more narrow than that of broadcast television no matter who your carrier is or what program you are watching. Certain "premier" events like the Olympics for example were...
How long have you had your set and what are your brightness settings? Also, what firmware version are you on?These are a few things that could possibly have an impact. Regarding how long you've had the set (more specifically, how many hours logged) is relevant because the flashlighting and clouding issues often dissipate after a reasonable break in period. Regarding brightness, some have found it effective to reduce brightness some, which in conjunction with the break...
Dude, that's a deal and I'd jump on it as long I could still return or exchange it. I have the 65 and don't feel I have the issues you're worried about. You will have to make a few tweaks to get skin tones right but they'll get there.
I didn't get to a 3D movie as I had hoped but did watch both football games. Still a beautiful picture with blurring issues.
Anyone see this yet?
I haven't yet seen Elysium either but watched the HBO broadcast of Oblivion the other day. Aside from the rare stellar pic quality from HBO, the movie was better than I expected. Oddly, I hear more after theatrical buzz about Oblivion Than I do about Elysium for what it's worth.
I hope to test a true 3D movie this weekend with the kids. I'll report back afterwards.
New Posts  All Forums: