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\Poorly calibrated tvs. My panny s64 looks better than both of your examples.
I enjoy watching hockey on my Panny S64. ice looks great and accurate to me. Course, I'm not an LED troll on a plasma forum either...
I certainly agree a big screen is great for movies but gaming, no so much, IMO! YMMV and certainly does...
Yes, my view is that gaming is more immersive on my computer monitor than on the large tv screen and I have played on a PC for decades. I should add the caveat that I have rarely played any games on a tv so it is not "normal" for me to view game play at a longer distance. Perhaps, I would think differently if I was used to playing on a tv. Playing with a nearby PC monitor is plenty immersive for me! Give it a try and see how it goes for you! Good luck!
Pretty spot on, I think... I see it more on CBS and Fox, less common on NBC. In the past, our local Fox was a separate channel but this year it became a subchannel for our local CBS. Both networks are HD with CBS at 1080i and Fox at 720p. Good luck with your Broncos! I've been a fan of Peyton for many years, awesome player!
I've owned my 50s64 for about 6 weeks now. For the most part I am very pleased with it. However, I must admit that the motion blur during a football game is very disappointing. I only see motion blur on network nfl broadcasts but not on college or NFL games on ESPN/other cable networks. I have compared the networks from my antenna versus cable and the blur is similar on both... The motion blur is most noticeable during a replay. The blurring is mostly from the crowd...
You need to adjust one of the monitor settings. I had the same issue until I found which setting needs to be adjusted. I'm at work now but will report the setting to adjust this evening.The solution is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976064 I have a DVI (to monitor) and HDMI connection (to tv) from my Radeon HD5850. I used the option to extend to both monitors and viola, both displays have the pc output.
Not universally true... I cannot tell a difference between HD locals from my antenna versus HD locals from cable on my 50s64. Both are excellent!
I rarely game for more than 1.5 -2 hours at a time but if it was displayed on the tv, it would amount to 1/2 of the tv on time. That is probably too high a percentage, given the huds in the battlefield games. Maybe not, shrugs... I have a quality gaming monitor so it's not really necessary to game on my S64. A win-win, no IR on LCD monitor or on the plasma tv. JMO.
My s64 has about 500 hours of operation and I have yet to game on it. I have no hint of IR on my tv. Looks like the smart choice is to continue gaming on my LCD monitor and save the S64 for tv viewing and blu ray.
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