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71" Vizio model XVT3D71OCM - cinema display 21:9, 2560x1080 res, full local dimming, 3D with passive glasses, availability 2011 I know this says availability 2011 but do we have a time frame by chance? Im trying to see if this model will come out first or either the LG LW9500.
Is this price official? If so I might just get the sony ct350.
I had to sell my Toshiba RD-XS55 back in late 2007 because I became unemployed sadly. Anyways I was looking to buy another Toshiba RD-XS55 but I can't find them anywhere. So my question is there a DVD Recorder as good as the Toshiba RD-XS55 or better?
I've seen this movie so many times and still find it funny. I even remember my dad renting on VHS when I was a kid. Buying this day 1
I would like to know this also
Some type of Sleep Mode would be nice and MKV support
This is the third time I'm talking with Sony about this TV and I'm mad. They going to let me talk with customer relations finally!
Do you realize Transformers started as a cartoon and is still a cartoon outside the live action 2007 movie?
someone please find out if its region free and this will be my first blu-ray import
Nope I wish Still its a good deal with one of the coupons
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