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TThis is what it seems from reading past posts as well. I just don't understand why this would ever happen. How could a boxed up mic spontaneously break? Similarly, why would the mix jack, which has never been used other than my 2 prior runs, just stop working? It's just weird.I think the mix is plugged in all the way. As soon as I plug it in, it automatically kicks the receiver into Audyssey-set mode. I'll give that another try though, as well as looking them up on...
Yes. I've run it twice successfully since I got the receiver a couple years ago, and everything was exactly the same this time around. Same location, using the same tripod,etc. Aside from those 2 times, the microphone has always been boxed back up and sitting unused. I don't understand why it would just stop working. I'll probably try a system reset first and then give Onkyo/integra technical service a call.
I'm very Annoyed with my Integra DTR 50.2 right now. I just got it back from the repair shop after the HDMI board died and now I go to re-run the Audyssey MultEQ to have it error out every time with the "too much ambient noise" error after a single pass of the first speaker (not increasing volume pass.... Just 1 run of the tones). I tried it 4 times today, including just now, after dark, all family members asleep, all lights and appliances off. It was essentially as quiet...
Great looking home theater! Very nice work to all involved. Congrats on how it turned out.
No idea, but I will say that I also just encountered this issue with my Integra DTR-50.2. Fortunately I was within my warranty period and so it's off for repair currently. Good luck with getting it corrected.
Fantastic. Mine just started doing this this morning as well. Last night, worked just fine. This morning, (and now night as well), no audio when I turn it on.
They discussed this on the talking dead last night when someone made a similar suggestion. Greg Nicotero was saying that "in their world", they are always thinking about the flip side of decisions they make. Such as, if they mow them all down with heavy machine guns, grenades, a giant bonfire, etc, what/who else will that attract to them? They are not only trying to survive the walkers, but they are trying to survive other malevolent people as well, (such as the...
Well that's too bad. As a longtime SVU watcher, it's kind of sad to see the old characters go. Granted, I haven't watched any episodes from this season yet, but I'm sure I will catch up on Hulu at some point.
It's Malin Ackerman. She's been in a bunch of rom-com type movies as supporting character-types, among other things. She was in 27 dresses, The Heartbreak Kid (with Ben Stiller), Couples Retreat, Watchmen,
I just wanted to start a thread about the new show The Blacklist, starting on NBC this fall (Premieres Monday, Sept. 23, on NBC.). It features James Spader as the #1 most wanted man in the world, who apparently turns himself in to start working with the gov't to find the most wanted criminals. Looks like it could be pretty sweet, based on the trailers. Anyone else looking forward to this show? Here's a link to an article and some trailers/preview clips: ...
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