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Just purchased a BIC V1220 as a replacement for my Velodyne SPL10. What intrigued me was the low end frequency responce. 23 HZ is real close to the SPL10. While I loved my Velodyne, the longevity of this brand sucks. After two amp blowouts, its now an expensive door stop. Has anyone compared these two subs for performance?
Looks like the engineers are rebooting something. At 8:50 audio returned with data, then it blipped out again. 90 seconds into NCIS-LA, there is only audio. Tom
Is there a technical glitch tonight, 45 seconds into NCIS, the audio goes out. 30 minutes in and it is not back yet and no program data.
TV is 7 years old. I think there is something wrong with the 1080i connection via component cables. The screen looks as if there is nothing but noise, inputs at 480p is OK. If I set the TV from Letterbox to compressed on the HD input screen, the screen is watchable but the top 3 inches flickers with short horizontal lines along the left and right top of the image. I am going to try to reset the TV back to factory defaults to see it it will help. Any clues to the...
I am replacing my roof soon, and since the D* dish has to come off for a period, this would be the time to attach an OTA antenna. Been thinking about a square shooter, but I really want to try to get WIS, and they are VHF. Any suggestions for a low profile but high gain model?
How do you get Columbia stations through D*. Charlotte TV is weak on SC government unless it has to do with the governor. I have been wanting WIS, WOLO, etc. but can't get a signal via OTA. I am on a north side of a hill and do not have a clear line of sight to the south.
OTA via antenna on my Samsung has only audio up to 8:40, then returned to normal, now its only audio 10 minutes into NCIS-LA. Sat is OK with a few spasms.
What happened to WBTV? OTA and satellite is out 5 minutes into NCIS.
Gotta love the programmers that force us to install new software to fix their features.
New Posts  All Forums: