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Some background reading on LUTs for those technically inclined and interested: http://www.lightillusion.com/whatisalut.htm http://http.developer.nvidia.com/GPU...chapter24.html
This is where "axis" vs. "dimension" gets a bit in the way. A 3D LUT still limits you to correcting RGB, you just have full control over what each primary represents at each point in the LUT (e.g., you can compensate, somewhat, for gamut decay). The VideoEQ Pro is 6 axis, with three dimensions of control each (HSB/HSL), but it does still ultimately map back to a three channel RGB signal, the same thing that the Blackmagic box must ultimately do. The VEQ Pro does assume a...
If I am reading the OP correctly, he is using the HCFR probe. Switching to a D2/LT would be a good next step.
There is nothing stopping someone from doing it, except the prohibitive cost of putting up a 2000' tower, paying a few hundred thousand dollars a month to the local electric utility and keeping the FCC from fining you out of existence when Ma and Pa Kettle think they see a booby on CSI: SKU.In other words, I doubt it. Having to keep a 2D channel and/or channel set means a lot of incremental physical plant since there is not a 2D "core" in the broadcast standards. We may...
It is half the resolution until they figure out how to get channel bonding to work (if they are even seriously pursuing it). There are three encoding methods that are available to use existing physical plant to deliver 3D, IIRC. It is a matter of switching to the right method in the display for however the content is encoded. Presumably a company/broadcaster will stick with one type of encoding so you might be able to set-up preferences in your STB or even have the MSO/Sat...
Yes. You are always bounded by the limits imposed by the physical gamut of the display, but anything inside that gamut is pretty much fair play.
Feedback is always appreciated. One of these days, I need to tackle the re-write of the help documentation.
Did you speak with Paul? He indicated May/June to me, but not to expect Audyssey at launch (Genesis was still working on porting the code).
PS3 vs. D* is irrelevant since they are both source units. What we will need to worry about is whether the receiver/preamp, video processor, switcher, display and cable plant all support the methods.I expect that D* will be cutting resolution, so that should go through under existing infrastructure. I expect the PS3 will be using a hack that takes advantage of the "deep color" support in in HDMI 1.3, and perhaps dropping the color resolution to 4:2:2. The PS3, though, may...
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