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Pick your content wisely for some of these tests. In some cases, you get people looking "tan and healthy" that are supposed to be looking "wan and sickly". You need to have an idea of what the director/DP were trying to do with a given shot to understand where in the gamut the fleshtones are supposed to fall.
My hope is that everyone is headed to the new version, since it is a lot more capable and a lot more open (more meters beyond the Chroma 5).
Notionally the saturation control does control saturation because it constrains the excursion of the chroma channels.
You can do the grayscale adjustment. You just need to use your current actual gamut and actual white point, whatever it is.A good idea if you have the ability to get a decent gamut measurement.
Setting aside Tom's method, was the color decoder correct before you started changing the controls? In other words, using your actual gamut, did your primaries and secondaries line-up with where they were supposed to be given whatever color temperature your set was then calibrated to display?If the decoder was accurate, then you don't have red push as it is traditionally defined (an emphasis on red in the color decoder itself). Note that gamut issues are not necessarily...
One never goes to Vegas for BBQ.
Looks like someone has never read a review of an Onkyo or Marantz pre/pro or receiver lately nor seen any of the attendant measurements. If you look at Stereophile, HTMag, etc., you can find professional reviews, sometimes including bench tests of individual sub-assemblies like the amplifier sections, video processing, etc. This won't tell you whether a particular combination works well together, but you can certainly know where your trade-offs are in terms of watts...
Coupons appear to still be good at this vendor. We'll see how fulfillment goes. (5007)
Alright, I think it's time to leave this issue alone. The people who signed an NDA should not talk about the product or its features. If you signed the NDA, then you have an appropriate forum to ask questions, and that isn't here. To the part of my post, above, about philosophical questions. There are MULTIPLE ways of implementing a CMS. You can do it in YCbCr space (very hard), you can do it in HSL space (very hard to correct back to a real video signal) or you can even...
There may be a philosophical point you are making, but the EAP units have the full Pro CMS.
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