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The VP30 would be a bit more flexible of a choice. One might check the used ads here for a VP50 in this price range.
Whether they come from China is irrelevant. What matters is the spec and QC to which they are built. Personally, I've had problems with something as simple as a 1x2 splitter from both Gefen and Monoprice. My Audio Authority splitter has been rock-solid for over a year since my Gefen unit died the second time. Note: Gefen is not cheap.The Monoprice splitter I tried would not carry the full 50 feet between my electronics stack and my projector. It may have been fine for...
What's your definition of cheap?
Looks like I may finally be able to make CES this year. Count me in.
Great price, but I am finding it impossible to get J&R to show up on Bing.
I've got a lot of respect for you, but please re-read this sentence. You are accounting for only one source of potential resonance, and that is the direct mechanical interface of the driver to the home. If I turn my dual S-80s up loud enough, I can rattle a lot of things, and I assure you that it is not because of the mechanical interface between the sub and the floor. If I scale up my quad 12s that have about 350 watts each to quad 18s with 1000W/each (and a will to use...
You don't hear 10 hz; you feel 10 Hz. Gut kick rumble.That being said, Shiplathe and plaster are actually a LOT stronger than gypsum board/drywall. A LOT. Builders didn't move away from it because drywall was a stronger substance. Builders moved away from it because drywall is way, way cheaper. We have plaster walls in our house, and I broke a blade on my jigsaw trying to cut an opening to run wire for my electronics stack. When I rewired my in-laws place, I could look at...
Actually, it is.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PressureThe direct interface is one source of vibration, but so is the sound wave itself. Remember, sound is a wave transmitted through a physical medium (e.g., air, water). There is propagation of that wave any time one medium interfaces with another medium. If you stand in front of a stack of speakers at a concert, you can feel the vibrations as much as hear them. There is inefficiency in the transfer, but there is transfer...
It's not overpressure. That's irrelevant. You would die before you did serious damage to your house from overpressure. The issue is resonant frequency. I find it hard to believe that people can build speakers, worrying about Q and Fs and not understand that much of this applies to basically every solid in their home.The most classic example of not much force doing a lot of damage:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tacoma_Narrows_Bridge_(1940)
Subs can definitely "shake the walls", and over time, they can damage fasteners and joints. Not "falling down" bad, but certainly "new sheetrock" bad.
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