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In short the only way is to go to a D2v for true 7.1. Setting the Oppo to output PCM and the D2 to PLIIx is the best way to do it.
Did you take the Anthem out of the chain and try all of the different settings to see if they pass? Fwiw, I did it with my PS3 "searching for source" from the projector problem and it synced every time no matter which order I powered them up. I know it doesn't help the problem but it beats buying other items for no reason. Till something else comes out we will have to pick the best settings that cater to the Anthem. I know that all of the "extra fluff" that is offered...
Yes, there is a button by the volume knob to adjust lfe trims on the fly.
Received the Dr.HDMI and now I have to make sure the D2v is fully on before the PS3 or it will not sync. It is between the D2v and the projector and don't want to move it as the handshake is better with DirecTv. I'm just going to set a long delay for the PS3 to turn on and see how it goes. A solid official firmware would also be great for resale as the D2v is catching some flak about the issues in other threads I've been reading while looking for other options.
Which menu? I see zero on the Anthem menu but see them on the Oppo home screen. With deep color on in the player, I see sparkles unless I change the setting in the Anthem. The player is set to source direct and the Anthem is set to 1080p24 for video config 1. With deep color off and set to auto they are gone as well. I will try it with a blu-ray and see. Just did the Oppo update and now they gone regardless of the settings I use. Gotta love HDMI. The Dr. HDMI should be...
It only shows up with the deep color settings. 1080p24 or 60 work fine.
Sorry, I have a non 3-D. I found this when I replaced the HDMI cable (6m Monster Cable with a 25ft BJ cable) when I rearranged the rack to add the 103.A fellow AVSer stopped by to check out the 103 and was going through it's settings and tried the deep color settings in the Oppo to find the sparklies. The first thing he said was what cables are you using? I said that I just replaced the display cable when I rearranged so I plugged it directly from the Oppo to the projector...
Switch the setting before clicking the order button.Just tested it again from my Oppo-103 and I get sparklies if the D2v is set to auto and the Oppo is set to 30 or 36. Hope it works for you.
The Anthem may still need to be changed to 12 bit (menu, video output and then f:output) in the setup menu for that input even though you have it set to through to stop the sparklies. Auto doesn't seem pick up on it.
Gotcha. I've dealt with my share of quirks as well. Everything seems to be HDMI related, video no sound, sound no video, only the right channel when playing music in stereo and they are all corrected by rebooting. I have a Dr. HDMI ordered as recommended (thanks Thxtheater) to see if it helps with the headaches. It would be nice to get a new firmware that has the DTS changes and other updates as an official firmware release.
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