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Can anyone help me with this: I have a 32" Sharp Aquos HDTV with Comcast cable connected with a HDMI cable. I had an old Mortorola HD Box that outputted 1080i to my tv, which is 1080p/i. The picture was awesome, until my DVR stop working so Comcast switched to their new Mortorola HD Box. Now only the 480i signal output works, and the picture does not look as good, especially the colors. I've tried switching to 720p and 1080i but the picture gets really fuzzy &...
Does anyone know when TLC and the others will broadcast in 16 x 9? Also, when will AMC, Disney, and ABC Family run anything in HD?
It's September 8th. Where's the 400 new HD channels Comcast promised?
Does anyone know when Charter plans on adding more HD channels? I'm moving and have to decide to get Charter or D* tv or dish.
Comcast sucks! No preseason football, no Big Ten network. Why do I have to pay $8 more for NFL Network? I need your opinions, should I stick with Comcast or go back to Direct TV? If I go with D* TV, what is a good high speed internet service besides Comcast?
Will they always be a separate channel or will the eventually run the same shows as the standard definition? There's no Emeril or Iron Chef, or any of the design shows.
Does anyone have a timetable when Comcast will add HGTV, Food, Discovery, History, Science, TLC, and any other HD stations?
My old Samsung Dlp's colorwheel died and couldn't be replaced. So through my warranty Best Buy replaced my 4-year old dlp with a new HL-S5087. When I connected my new tv, I noticed several things that bother me. First, the picture is more pixelated than my old samsung. I'm using the HDMI inputs. Second, my picture is concave noticably on the sides and a little on the top & bottom. Third, my PS2 does not fill the screen as it did with my old dlp. I do use the...
the component with playstation 2. The component #2 works well with my DVD player. The PS2 comes up shorter on the sides and doesn't fit perfectly.
I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I've been searching for an answer for 2 hours. I have the motorola 6412 HD/DVR Box with Comcast cable in Dearborn, MI with a 50in Samsung DLP HL-55087-W. I use the HDMI hook up. When my picture goes to 4-3 or to the cable menu it bends inward on the left and right side. Also in HD, the picture is fairly bent inward. I noticed this watching Jeopardy. Does anyone know if this problem is with my tv, cable box, cable company, or...
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