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Two and a half or Three feet should be good. Ken
The theater is 11' wide in the seating area and 13' wide at the front. Some suggested that the narrow end should be the screen, but I find it works great other than I had to purchase seating that is a little more narrow than some. I have six can lights and three smaller ones over the screen. In addition, there are two sconces near the front. In addition, I have DD and GG all the way around. As you might see from some of the construction photos, there is a 2 1/2...
Utah, What did you do to help with acoustics? It appears that the walls are sheet rock over your concrete and I'm sure you have insulation in them, but what about all the reflections in there? I thought you would put acoustic panels or something to help. Maybe it isn't that reflective, but all "concrete bunker" rooms that I have been in are extremely reflective. Ken (Davis County)
My room is about 11' by 21', but has a "L" on the east wall of about 2 feet. It works very well and looks good to me. I spent about four or five months part-time (weekends and nights) in the construction. The total bill is around $8,000 for everything including equipment and construction materials, etc. See pictures at: http://s303.photobucket.com/albums/nn134/kenorme/
I agree with the antique gold. I used gold spray paint for the base and then used half black, half faux base to paint over it, then after a minute or so wiped off the black to give an antique gold without glare. Very little chance for moldings to glare in your eyes, anyway.
Did you put anything on the front wall, or is the screen going there? Some put Linocoustic on the front wall, and then move the screen out from the wall an appropriate distance. When I did that, any echos that may have been there before, went away.
With all the weight, I hope it is in the basement!!
I agree with ScottyB, that carpet can be too much of a focal point in a theater room. Sometimes the wild carpets give the "theater look", but then if you think about it, the wild carpets in a commercial theater are in the foyer and sometimes down the isles, but not in the seating area or in front of the stage and screen. Many of the wild patterns will reflect the light and make the movie experience less than what it could be. I suggest a medium pattern out of the...
I think this is the one Bud uses most...
I suggest that you purchase the new "journey to the center of the earth" movie when it is available. It is a 3D movie, designed for 3D, not just modified to make it look 3D. It uses the polarized glasses, not the red-blue ones. We saw it in the downtown theater and it was impressive. Now if that doesn't help your sound, too, then go back to your design.
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