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Sorry to post here. Mike, I sent you email, did you get it?thanks,Sandiway
See 2nd pic on the shades.Yes, that is the plan. Use the flat panel during the day. A 70" will fit in that recess.A projector only after dark. I am in southern Arizona, so the sun is extremely bright.The wall behind is the master bedroom. So not available for rear projection mirror etc.I have deleted the ceiling fan already. The projector screen must be retractable.What are my options? Thanks very much,Sandiway
I am looking for screen and projector recommendations for my room. See attached pictures for room and dimensions. I figure because of the height of my ceiling (13 ft or a bit more), I need a motorized retractable drop down screen that would drop down a bit before unrolling the screen. I've looked online at Screen Innovations products - particularly the black diamond. I'm also not sure how big I can go with the screen given the room dimensions and still retain enough...
New Posts  All Forums: