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Rickon Stark went off with the chick from harry Potter end of last season
So glad its back! I really missed WH13.
Nope I think Bronn i upfront with it. He likes Tyrion jut bot a better deal.
Cersie pays off Bronn by making him a LordRe-wright of using Bronn to train Jamie was very nice since the person who played Sir Illian Pain died in real life
well since you asked...Not into metal but if this starts to play at your wedding.. run
Helps the mead or beer go down...smooth
"I understand that if any more words come pouring out your c**t mouth, i'm going to have to eat every f*cking chicken in this room" - The Hound
Did you miss the page(s) on Ned sword?
No. No i could not!
Im a geek not a nerd!
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