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Amazon price back up to $2499 again.
Is this reboot problem a big issue that many people are experiencing? Does that have to do with a specific build date or is it happening across the board with all the build dates and screen sizes? Anyone can comment if their site is working fine with no reboot issues? I want to get the 65" version, but don't want to constantly have to get a tech person come out and check on issues.
How is the TruMotion feature on this set? Do we get several levels to set it to emulate those soap opera picture? I know from using this sort of feature in Samsung they have like a low, mid, high, off options when dealing with the soap opera effects.
Thanks for your quick review. I think I will move forward and get this set especially for the price point and majority of people that seem to like it. I checked one out at Fry's and noticed that the side angle viewing was pretty good compared to the Sony 65HX729. That set went pretty dark after moving to the side a bit, but the LG was not nearly as bad as the Sony. I think coming from a DLP myself this set will definitely be a big jump in picture improvement.
So the picture issue bothered you that much that you jumped shipped and went with another brand. I'm right now considering this or the Sony 65HX729 and I think this and the Sony will probably have similar issues as far as colors go, but since I'm not really into video settings since I just want something better than my 65" Toshiba DLP at this time at a reasonable price.
Thanks for the info. That will probably make my decision easier now to go with the LG instead of the Sony 65HX729 since that set won't do mkv files. By the way there is no issue with audio and you don't have to re-encode them at all before playing them on the LG?
Looks like it dropped to $2400 now at Dell. Waiting to see if it will drop back to $2200 like it did about a week ago.
Does anyone know if this set can play MKV files by using a flash drive with the USB port?
Does anyone know if this set can play MKV files by using a flash drive with the USB port?
Any update on your new set? I went to Fry's 2 days ago and the guy said they did not carry this model so was not able to see one in person. I'm considering getting the LG 65LM6200, but wanted to compare it to this one as well to see which one is better. If you can post your pics or give some feedback as far as picture quality that would be great.
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