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Just trying to figure out what my dashboard audio should be set to, or what you guys think. I don't have much time to play with it now but it seems as if I am getting better position results with Dolby off in the XBOX dashboard. With Dolby on in the xbox dashboard, I felt lost playing Modern Warfare 2. I could not tell where anything was coming from.
Well I did get my mix amp and I am using it with my K702 now. The headphones sound nice but I did notice the sound being distorted when the mix amp is turned all the way up? Also, my wireless mic pics up the sound from the k702 open back design "that sucks!" so I can't turn the sound up all the way. I don't remember reading that anywhere here.
I upgraded my audio system for this game and Treyarch decides to gimp the audio. I can't stand this game, terrible.
I got my K702's today. I hooked them up to the monitor with out an amp and played some MW2. The cans sound good although they do need more power for sure but they sound good. I can't wait for the mixamp to arrive. I did hook the cans to my PC and played through them as loud as possible. The PC did not have enough juice for the cans. Then I played some music through Sony Vegas, raised the DB in software and the cans sounded bad. Not sure what this is from? The...
I did order just the K702, no amp yet. I use regular sony head phones now. I plug them into the monitor. The monitor takes signal from XBOX via HDMI. I use the xbox wireless mic for voice chat in MW2. I select the option in the XBOX service menu to play voice over TV, so I get chat in the headphones. Anyways, I notice when I capture games via HDMI BlackMagic intensity Pro, my voice does not show up in the captures? Maybe this means wireless voice won't affect the...
Do people still experience drive problems with K702's and a wireless mic? No mention of the wireless mic option. I usually just set my mic on the desk,chest.
Ok, so Astro just released a new amp, it is wireless, and has 7.1 surround sound? What do you guys think about this one? Can it be chained with the E9 and still maintain the 7.1? Or is the 7.1 just an advertising gimmick?
Ok those tritton's also have a newer set with more control 720 or Pro? The AX Pro? You guys like the Tritton product better than the astro a40 mixamp? I tried to read a lot of the stuff in this thread but it spans 4+ years of tech, made my head spin a bit as everyone has different tastes.
Voice chat is important, looking at the k702 for cans but I am not really sure what I need/proper for an amp. Do I need two piece of hardware to complete the setup? Would an Astro amp work? Would the Fiio work for just a solo piece or do I need some else also? Thanks, real nooby here.
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