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Interesting, what AVR?? I ran phantom for 1 year with my TD12Ms designs.
Does Eric post the design specs for SEOS kits. The TD12M is no where near 97dB and that is why its going to be lower but you can throw some serious power at it and the dynamics are AWESOME!
Like many other HT guys.. I like my room completely controlled.. Absorbing is easy for anything above 1KHz....2" OC704 plus we always add some diffusers in any room I have done with friends or family. Room bass control is done more effectively by MANY subs ( I have 5 now around the room and I stopped using audyssey correction stuff).This comes back to content and what our applications are.....My music is enjoyed through the best headphones. My HT is for movies and its...
Great discussion. It just shows that everyone has their own requirements. Everyone has different content in mind when they build something. Someone that wants the best classical music sound (that content seems to have the most > 10KHz requirements) might know something is missing on my IWATA/TAD horns . I wonder what your opinion would be if you heard the TAD TD-4000 series?What driver are you using with the SEOS-18 that gives you what you want? I will have to hear the...
Never really measured the floor bounce, Always worked on Side reflection, horizontal reflection issues more. Carpet with thick padding and very well treated room is where they are used so any sort of reflections are minimized.Its funny to be in this type of discussion after 2 years later off Tux, I looked your waveguide design, very nice ! I remember the days when you didn't have waveguides instead always enjoy high quality direct radiating.
IMO if someone sets a very high priority on HF (12KHz and above) then really they should not even be considering even 1" CDs. Its again a science thing when it comes to getting maximum performance in that frequency range. I like your idea of a ribbon! Nice.
I have all those 6.5" mid pro drivers (PHL, B&C, etc...I even have a 18sound $400 10" mid woofer that I tested once and never used ). maybe its just me but the larger horn runs 500Hz - 5Khz better then any direct radiator.I never really got all the large horn mania either when I had 3 way ribbon designs but I can not go back...just different now.
personally I love the below speakers for outdoor parties...We use them at tail gate parties every year.....loud and awesome!! http://www.guitarcenter.com/Behringer-EUROLIVE-VP2520-2000W-Dual-15--PA-Speaker-105480545-i1448426.gc DIY Building is fun but low cost sometimes is just about getting raw cheap power. Without the saw dust!!
Both the OP and I have that driver and we both have commented on the HF performance not being what we wanted. Althought I have the 4592 not the newer 4594I have 2 4592s for sale (with XOs)
Yes, I read about that for the first time yesterday. It didn't exist a couple of years ago and I ended my research back then. I think its creation was in part because of all those discussions we had on wanting performance throughout 700Hz to 15Khz.I would like to see polars on that driver/horn choice.
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