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Awesome build thread!! Filtor, PM me and we can get together soon.
2" CDs have frequency range up to 20KHz, that is not the problem. The problem is where the 2" CD loses its directivity and beaming up high occurs (size of the horn matters for this too). High frequencies/beaming and its importance is an entire topic on its own. People that have had JBL designs with 2" CDs love them period. I have TAD 2" CDs and I do not find anything wrong with them...for high frequency I compare them to my Ribbon designs which have the best HF I have ever...
FWIW, I spent several years trying to get the 1" driver to have a 700Hz XO but I never had ultimate success with it. I spent many, many hours online here and on DIYAudio/audiokarma, etc discussing/reading about all options. The only 1" driver that does it remotely well is the TAD TD-2001 and even then 700Hz is just too low of an XO point. This even includes Geddes designs (rave reviews) using the B&C DE250 and a XO just under 1KHz. My final test would have been to use the...
I just had a minor addiction at one time (25K posts in 5 years ) and I stay at Holiday Inns when traveling
really? Well done!!
oh, I see that its only a 1" exit. Still Nice that it goes below 700Hz!!
oh my......I didn't know Eric achieved this......that shows how much I have been out of the loop!!!2" CD for under $200, now that is INSANELY good. I remember creating several threads on 2"CD and how every single one was expense....Well done Eric!!Anyone running them??
Sounds like business is good and products are great....CONGRATS!!!
What is the "BA 750"?
speakers don't age but there's some nice AV choices now with Ipad apps....I do check in from time to time, get your damn uber build thread GOING!!!!! btw, sorry OP for anything off topic. I subscribed so I can see more about the larger horn projects...Im a fan of GOING BIG!!!
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