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Sorry for the dumb question
Not to be a pain but how do you put a pause line? I thought that is what i did but I must of done something wrong especially editing the meta file.
Thanks for the info. When would I use bdsup2sub. Before before it uses ta muxer?
I was wondering if any body can tell me how to rip the the Avengers blu ray. I currently use Clown_Bd to rip movies to m2ts. I cannot seem to get the forced subtitles to work properly. I tries using this wiki http://scottjohnson.org/wiki/Dune/Forced_subtitles_with_ClownBD but I cant get it to work properly. I am playing the movies in MPC-hc. Thanks for any help.
Thank you for the info. I assumed I had to recopy the file. I just figured it was faster than copying it from the disc.
I am not sure if I am saying this correctly but some movies don't mark the forced subtitle track correctly. So I read you have to manually change the correct subtitle track as forced in clown_bd.
Hi. i rip all my blu rays using Clown_Bd to a m2ts. I only rip the movie, hd audio track and the English subtitles. I usually rip all the Eglish tracks to ensure that i grab any forced subtitles. However I have ripped some movies such as The Avengers incorrectly. Will I lose any quality if i re do the movie using the m2ts file or should i use the original disc? Thank you for any help
Thanks for the info. Were your images originally 3600 X 5400 or did you enlargew the images you had. On the spoonflower website it said it had to be that big.
Hi. Can anyone recommend a minimum dpi and ppi for images. I can increase the images size in photoshop but i do not know when artifacts would start to appear. Also if I have a 300 dpi image should i decrease it to 150 when i am enlarging the image? Thank you for any help.
Thanks for ur advice. Hopefully u can find a color u like. My screen wall and ceiling will be black. I am concerned with the wall color. Most of the colors I am interested in ardvintvge brown family and have a lrv around 20. I just don't know if that is dark enough especially becauseyvrokm is on the narrow side.
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