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The Classic line is all voice matched—so, the Absolute Zero, Absolute Tower, Two, Three, Four, Absolute Center, Absolute On-Wall, 2C, and 3C (I think that's everything, but some of their in-wall and in-ceiling speakers were matched too). The SuperZeroes are their own thing. And there were previous speaker lines that NHT no longer produces that have their own voicing.You could use the SuperZeroes as surrounds, but I'd stick to the Classic line.
Agreed—SZs are fine as surrounds in a purely SZ-based system, but they won't match the Classic series very well.
I suspect most people here are using a receiver rather than a separate power amp. A good receiver should work great for your purposes.As mentioned, I ran my full Classic setup with an NAD T 753 and was very happy with it. I think others here have used receivers such as the Onkyo 800 series. Others can feel free to chime in about what they use.Or you could get the Emotiva amp and their pre/pro, which would also sound great. I think there are a lot of good options.
Are you planning on using the Onkyo as a pre/pro to drive the Emotiva, and then using the Onkyo's amp section for the surround channels?If so, you might be fine just using the Onkyo. Although the NHTs will reward an upgrade in amplification, as I found with my NAD receiver.I might be the wrong person to ask about this. I run a 4.1 setup, but my focus is on music. So I don't know that I've ever experienced whether 6 or 7 channels help matters. In any case, I think either...
My understanding (someone else can feel free to correct me) is that your amp can't really be too powerful for your speakers. A powerful amp is only a problem for speakers if you play them way too loud.With an underpowered amp, you might get clipping at lower volume levels, which can damage the speakers. So the most common problem with amp/speaker pairings is that you push the amp too hard and it damages the speakers. If you have a powerful amp, you have extra headroom...
Emotiva should be plenty sufficient. What else are you looking at? I think just about anything that's well-built and designed for home theater will be enough power. I wouldn't buy an entry-level amp or receiver, but beyond that you'll probably be OK. (I noticed a substantial improvement when I moved form an entry-level Onkyo receiver to a an NAD T 753, for example.)The AZs are designed to sound best on stands, but sound quality will suffer somewhat if they're wall-mounted....
The SuperZeroes image well—you'll be pleased even without a center channel speaker.
My assumption was that the TV mounting and cable routing were the dominant part of that installation cost—although I think the Absolute On-Walls could be a good solution.
I still really enjoy my old-school Super Zeroes and accompanying 8" NHT sub—I think you'll be quite happy with them.
That's just my take on it—certainly it's worth trying both and seeing what you prefer. Are you running the mains full-range or are they subject to the same crossover you're using for the center?
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