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That's what I'm confused about. Do I increase the distance of the Xd or of the other speakers? I was under the impression that increasing the distance of the Xd meant that the processor compensated by adding a delay to the other channels. But maybe I have that backwards?
I'll look into that. Be a shame, though, as I'm otherwise happy with my NAD receiver. For the "manual configuration", I'm supposed to add 7-8 feet to the distance for the Xds, and the distance for everything else remains the same? Is that right?
I kept thinking they'd go away and my decision would be made for me. But they didn't. And I'm glad!I've listened to a bit of both. The 3C sounds OK, but there's something a little weird going on. I'm not sure I have the delay set right. After only a few days of trying both setups, though, I think I prefer no center to the 3C. I need more time to evaluate. But...That's the real point. Hell, even for movies I think Xd 2.1 + AZ surrounds is better for movies than my previous...
Their site shows the "classic" finish in the picture, but the actual text says "NHT Xd Special Dark Home Theater System". I don't know if that's a 2.1 set, or what, but it's worth giving them a call and seeing what they'll offer you if they're the only ones who have Special Dark.
Wow, you turn your head for 24 hours and all of a sudden things start exploding. I just added it up for your benefit, and I'd spent about $3650 on NHT speakers before this Xd purchase. When I sell some gear I'll get maybe $1000 or $1500 of that back. Point being, I've essentially "lost" $2000 over the past 5 years with upgrades. Of course, that was 5.1 systems, so not directly comparable to your situation, but you get the idea. Point being, get the Xd and do it right the...
That's what got me. Who knows how long it will be before NHT puts an active digital system like this out again. 3 years? 5 years? Will they be around that long? And it could be a long time before others in the industry realize this is the way to design a speaker and build something to equal it. And even if all that happens, what about the price? Could be way more than $3000-3600.
If you can put the cash together, now's the time. If you think about other gear you can sell that helps soften the blow. BTW the xD is a car manufactured by Toyota and sold under the Scion brand; the Xd is one awesome loudspeaker system
Very nice. You using mode 3 for the speakers?
P.S. Got electricity back yesterday. I did a lot of listening last night :-)
Hey, it's not like I ever doubted you. But it would have been a couple more years before I would have been able to afford them at the $6k price tag. At $3k I would have jumped on them two years ago instead of upgrading to Classics...Thanks, I'll give it a try. I wasn't sure how close was close enough to justify it. Now somebody else is thinking "I told you so"...
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