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Given that the Fours already have two 10" subs, the Classic Ten isn't going to add much. You could argue that maybe it's worthwhile if you're running the Fours as large speakers and just using the Ten to enhance your center and rear channels, but I think the Fours could do a decent job of that same task. Even a 12" sub might not add much. My advice would be to get the Fours and see how you think they do on their own, then shop for the subwoofer if you still think you need...
I hope they did. I think it's a really hard speaker to listen to without a sub (at least the first SZ was). But I've gotten the impression in the past that SM doesn't really like subs. I hope RJR does a follow-up, at least.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianWilson The AT got Class C, limited extension, in the new Recommended Components. Had some limited hopes for B, based on the review, but C seemed logical. Aww. It did seem like a long shot but I was hoping for B.
I really haven't spent much time with the C2, but the C3 is a bit brighter and might have more of the shimmer you're looking for.
I believe NHT geneally voices their speakers with the grilles on. That said, if you take the grilles off the ATs, take them off the rest of the speakers too.
Yeah, that's getting into an area where I'm a little ignorant. I couldn't find information on the output characteristics of the PVC. But it sounds good, and I don't think it's due to a change in the frequency response. I believe John Atkinson used this combo in his Stereophile Follow-up; I assume he would have taken that potential issue into account.
Yeah, that's fair. What impressed me in this (unique) case was that a
That may be true for the most part. But while I thought my NAD home theater receiver was quite good (especially in comparison to the cheap '03 model Onkyo I had before it), swapping an NHT PVC Pro in as a pre-amp for my Xd system in place of the NAD, it sounds much better, although maybe some of that can be attributed to driving the Xd with a balanced connection. It was a huge upgrade for like $70. But I have to swap things out manually to go from my home theater setup to...
I assume you're not including the Xd in that analysis
Not a bad idea. I'll pitch it.
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