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Be sure the top plate on your speaker stand is wider than the spacing between the AZ's two rails/feet. Audio Advisor has some inexpensive Pangea stands that are worth a look. I bought a pair for my AZs recently when switched away from wall mounting them.
NHT advises (and I agree) to skip the dipole speakers—they were a good idea when Dolby ProLogic was the only game in surround, but for anything that uses discrete channels you're better off with a traditional speakers. NHT speakers would match best, of course. AZs worked great as surround speakers in a configuration pretty similar to what you're looking at. Another pair of Threes would, of course, be even better if you have the space and money.
So my NAD T753 died. I'm waiting to hear back on repair cost—if it's more than it's worth I'll be looking for either a home theater receiver or pre/pro + 2 channel amp (for the rear speakers, since the fronts are Xd) in the $600-1000 range. So far, considering NAD, Denon/Onkyo/Marantz, Emotiva pre/pro+amp, NHT Controller. mmnc recommended looking at used Outlaw/Integra pre/pros when I inquired about his (already sold) Controller. I know this is more of a speaker...
Yes, I recall you posted about it right before I bought the DACMagic, and inspired me to look into the PVC Pro. Of course, no remote is kind of annoying, but when I have the PVC hooked up I'm only using one source anyway. I miss it more for the DAC Magic, which I also use with my regular home theater system, and have to switch digital ins manually.
I've got an identical pair of the Sanus stands (well, except for the mis-drilled holes) and I've been very pleased with them. Very stable, relatively attractive. I kept them around for my SuperZeroes after I replaced my Classic 3s with the Xd. Except I can't believe the nerve of them to advertise them as fillable with sand/shot when they obviously were not designed to make that easy. I also ended up with play sand (all I could find) and foolishly tried to fill them on a...
Not all of us keep our speakers forever. In the 8 years I've been into this stuff I've had a complete 5.1 channel SuperAudio system, which I traded in for a 5.1 channel Classic system, and then I sold the fronts and sub and bought an Xd system. And then I have a SuperZero/SW1P system in my bedroom, although that's stayed pretty static. I don't think I've heard complaints about the appearance of the Classics. I always thought they looked really classy, though I can see how...
Yes. The info in that review should be just as valid for the X2 as for the X1.
Certainly not I. They're so hip these days!Very pretty. Still not convinced it will perform that differently from a Three, though. Frequency response is similar. Guess the tower probably has better power handling, though. The large base is interesting; stylistically different from the Four. I guess it's necessary because it's tall and narrow, add some extra bass at the bottom so it doesn't tip over... Xd sequel is next, right?
Interesting, but would an AZ tower have bass performance much different, from, say, the Classic 3?
You can use a DAC or CD player in place of a pre-amp if it has volume controls; that shouldn't be any different from what I'm trying to do.
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