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Nobody will ever know, but let the speculation begin! Extrapolate, don't interpolate!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bikedorian I haven't read Stereopile in a long time but if NHT dosen't advertise in that rag then that is a good recommendation. NHT ran 1 page Xd ads in Stereophile for a period of time (six months maybe?). Not as many ads as, say, Wilson, but there you go.
Point taken.
Wood is definitely not plastic. Metal is definitely not plastic. I wouldn't have considered fiberglass plastic, but isn't fiberglass just glass and resin? So it comes down to the question of resin. I think it is technically an organic polymer, which takes it a long way towards being a plastic, but it's certainly not what people normally think of as plastic (as Alimentall said).
Have you seen the Xd in person? Looks much better than in pictures, at least the standard color does. I'd imagine the special dark looks better in person as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by USSRLivesOn Oh, that's interesting. Someone posted on the first page that NHT Three's are non-existent (currently vapourware?) or something like that, so I didn't really look for/at them all that much. When are they supposed to be actually released? I don't really need loud as much as I need awesome sounding rock and metal. Can the NHT's do that better than the Klipsch's? I ask this because a lot of people recommend a lot of...
Looks like next week could be it. Almost there.
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