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Question for those familiar with the XdA. I wanted to set up the 12 volt trigger from my NAD receiver to turn it on/off. But best I can tell, the trigger output on the receiver side is a 1/8" jack and the XdA takes bare wire? Is there a specific cable I should buy, or just buy a 1/8" mono patch, chop of an end, and strip the wires back a bit? In that case does the polarity matter?
Oh I gathered that much. I was just hoping for more info on what he thought and how they sound.
Yeah? Elaborate?
I was very reassured to read that in the other thread. Thanks Jack.
Yep, that's a given!
Wow, that sucks. Maybe they'll rise from the ashes again? Anything I should do to make sure my Xd has a long, healthy life?
Everybody who comes into my place compliments me on their appearance. I don't think I ever had anyone say anything about my Threes or SB3s, but did get a few comments on the size of my U1 and SW12. Not everybody "gets" that they sound substantially better than anything else they've ever heard (the non-audiophiles, at least), but people who take the time to stop and pay attention will, at minimum, remark on how "clear" it sounds. Me? Still love 'em. No regrets at all on...
"Told you so," perhaps?
I'm confused. How is it that AZs won't work but in-wall speakers will?
W1+X1+A1=U1, which has 2 12" drivers in the same cabinet 2xW2+X1+A1=U2, which gives you 2 cabinets with 1 12" driver in each Then if you want the 20 Hz extension mod, you need 4 total 12" drivers, which means 2xU1 or 2xU2, or even U1+U2. A single U1 or U2 system will sound a lot better than the Twelve. But since you have Classic 4s, I'm not sure whether it's a better idea to bi-amp the Fours or replace your Twelve. There was a lot of talk about how to get better bass out...
New Posts  All Forums: