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Thank you. I see where the NOREPEAT commands are now. I was hoping to not have to re-do all of my custom buttons on my changed design, but at least I can do it now
I am happily using Roomie for a while now with two different DirecTV DVRs and up until a few days ago, it's been working very well. I have figured out what the issue is but I still have an issue. Let me explain:When I first set Roomie up, pressing the cursor movement keys on the DVR's once would sometimes result in the equivalent of three or more cursor movements. After a bit of searching, I found that DirecTV commands for Roomie included NOREPEAT versions of the Up,...
As we all know, this isn't anything like real life. However, it bugs me the most that Carrie is able to get away with major things -- on a continual basis - that any one of which would have her not only out of the CIA but possibly in jail or dead. I'm pretty good at suspending my disbelief, but she is the most difficult and glaring issue with doing so.
Something is wrong with the Roku you have. I have two Rokus and an APple TV and from a PQ standpoint, they are very similar.
Agree with Life. An amazing show.
My 2010 works fine with Pandora.
I use native=yes on both my HR20 and my HR44. I do not have to toggle it to change channels. My screen sometimes blanks out for a second but not all the time and not bad when it does. My assumption was that it was due to HDMI renegotiation.
+1. Exactly the same process I use. Works well and is actually much faster than FF. The added bonus is that I don't even have to see any of the commercials.
I made the assumption that what the CIA obtained from Abu Nazir's bag was a copy -- mostly because I also assumed that there are many additional copies floating around.
Peter Quinn's discussion with Saul near the end of this episode has me wondering about what has him so upset that he wants out after this 'case' (other than killing the child). Quinn asked what are we doing here more than once during that talk. You'll rememeber that Quinn also decided not to kill Brody last season. Along with that, we still don't know who leaked Brody's confession to the media either. At the time, I automatically figured it was the terrorists. But,...
New Posts  All Forums: