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Thank you for the kind words. I created the diagram using Microsoft Visio. I use it quite a bit and it comes in handy. In fact, I'm using it right now to set up my new Yamaha RX-A2010 receiver. It also means I'll be updating it soon too.Lee
I should have asked you where to buy my RX-A2010 on Saturady from Amazon since you can find it for under $1000.The 2010 and 2020 are fairly similar with the most notable diffrerences are (as you suggested) AirPlay/dropping netweok radio support on versus no AirPlay but network support on the the 2020. Unless you really want/need AirPlay (you obviously don't), I'd get the 2010 -- especially if you can find it for under $1000. That's the choice I made.
Great! Thank you.
Thanks for the idea. I'll have to try that.
Thanks. I'm looking forward to it..
I'm upgrading from an RX-V663 to an RX-A2010 and have been using a YDS11 iPod doc. It works great! Do you (or anyone else) know that this doc wil work on the new receiver? I've seen that they recommend the YDS-12 but was curious. I'll know soon enough anyway, but just wondering.
Just ordered a RX-A2010 to upgrade my existing RX V663. I'm reading through this thread to pick up on all you guys have learned. Looking forward to getting it and setting it up. My system Diagram and picture links are in my sig (updating the diagarm later today)
I recently upgraded to RF-83's and love them. They are anything but lifeless. I agree it must have been a setup issue.
Attachment 246257 Here's a picture of my new front speakers. Klipsch RF-83's and RC-64. The sub is a Klipsch RSW-10d. Other pics (some of them are not fully current with the upgrade) are in my sig links.
Agree on the Yamaha's ability to also do 2 ch with EQ and Bass management (I.e., straight mode). I like that mode for some music too. It does, however bring back he cutover point discussion.
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