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Why would API be the one to contact? API is gone... Klipsch owns Energy.
Doubt removed! Doubt removed!! But then, we seem to have rather high expectations of a BB employee
I don't know what a "deciption" is, but you might want to check out page 38 of the manual: "Media playback from... all USB thumb drives." You'd better tell Oppo to re-write their manual I guess since they say that is exactly what it is meant for.
Most definitely. The avi/mkv support is horrendous and you may as well sketch the movie on paper yourself by hand as try to use the usb drive. I am hopeful that the next firmware will smooth out some of these issues. Playing downloaded files off of a thumbdrive was a big selling point for me and I'm disappointed that it is at present an utterly useless feature.
So, it took a while, but I've had everything running for a bit now. Here's what I've got to say. Relevent equipment: 50" LCD-TV, Denon 2807 AVReceiver, Denon DVD-2930CI, OPPO BDP-80. First impressions: The Oppo was packed great and is a very nice looking player. I was surprised how small it is. It's dwarfed by all the other components in my system. I have never had anything as easy to hook up and set up in my life. It required virtually nothing from me. The...
Pleeeeeeeease tell me that you don't actually have your subwoofer set up a foot in front of a fireplace!?!? And the way that you have the RC-30's crammed in... there's no stereo image coming out of there. The poor left channel is so boxed in, I can't picture much sound coming out of there at all. *sad*
The RC-LCR is a wonderful centre. It's one of the best I've ever heard.
The RC-LCR is way, way, way better than the Mini-center.
Brilliant, thank you
Question: I'm upgrading to the Bluray universe and will be sending the audio to my 2807 via HDMI as LPCM. Does anyone know the 2807's frequency limit for 5.1/7.1 audio over HDMI? 48kHz? 96kHz? 192kHz? Thaks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: