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The good thing about wood is that it always goes with other wood. Personally, I think the only time it gets bad is when it's overdone with the same wood. My cherry RC setup looks beautiful on my maple and walnut floor.
They are 14lbs each. They ship in one box so you consistently get the weight per pair. They're still big, heavy speakers. Myself, I'd never mount them in a ceiling. The RC-Mini is perfect-sized for ceiling mounting.
Since the 80 provides the exact same video quality as the 83 for Blurays, I don't think you have much to complain about. The lack of the ABT scaler for DVD is a pretty small price to pay. We all own DVD players that we presumably like. We're buying this to play Blurays.
I ordered on Thursday. My system's all set up and waiting for it to arrive (god, I hate the cost of cables!). The USPS tracking system is driving me nuts! FedEx kicks its butt. Soooooooooooooo eager...!
Okay, you are wrong - stop repeating things that aren't true. All Profile 2.0 players (of which the 2010 is one) must have 1.0 gigabytes of storage built in to them (which the 2010 does). The firmware is a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of that and you absolutely, completely, entirely do NOT require an SD card for firmware upgrades. The SD cards are used for downloading and playing internet content only. It is not "smart" to have extra memory installed unless you access a...
Goooooood question! I wish someone would give some type of info on how the 2010 is with regions. If it isn't naturally multi-region, have you tried the old 3930/2930 region-free code? It's a lot to hope that they'd keep the same bypass built in, but on the other hand, it'd be simpler.
The big selling point for me for buying my 2930ci was the easy tap-in hack that made it region-free. What is the 2010's status with region coding? Does it come region-free out of the box or is there a known code to make it so?
I'm not sure how many other ways you can be told "no" before you listen. A CD bitstream is just a series of 0's and 1's read straight off of the CD. It's a data transfer. If the data is altered, then the transport is broken.
So if I sell you a 1971 Ford Pinto for twice the price of whatever you currently drive, I guess that you get a better car, yes? You can change out whatever CD player you want for whatever CD player you want... but the result will be identical to what you started with.
The only thing that pours out of a digital CD connection is the bitstream. You cannot apply bit/hz measurements to that because the bitstream has not been turned into an analogue waveform at that point. At all. Period.
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