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Wow, haha.
A receiver's LPF is applied universally to the sub - including both the LFE channel as well as bass redirected from the small speakers in the system. LPF is a speaker setup setting, not a characteristic of how LFE gets handled.
I would dispute your choice of LPF for the sub. You have a system that will not reproduce any of the LFE between 80 and 120Hz. Also, all content between 80 and 120Hz will be cut out and lost forever from the surround channels. Crank the sub's LPF to 120Hz.
I have a friend with a Rega P3 and a P5 (one for stereo and one for mono). He uses the Shure M97 on the stereo P5 setup and a Grado mono cart on the P3. Personally, I think my Denon is the superior table of the 3, but that's cause I subscribe to the camp that feels 98% of the turntable's sound in based on the cart. The factory-cart on the Denon is very, very entry-level and didn't track very well.
How many power plugs do you figure you need to run an active bi-amp? The number of power sources is not counted by the number of plugs in the wall (one plug provides more AC current than you could ever push to any speaker), but by how many transformer/capacitor groups lead into the speaker providing power that the speaker can actually use.
I have the exact same system with a Denon DP-300F hooked into it. It's a very nice fit. I use an AT440MLa cartridge with it and the sound is quite spectacular. I'm not a fan of the Rega only because it's not automatic and I like the ease of the Denon.
It's not even a competition, the Energy wins conclusively.
You need to stop propagating your personal beliefs and biases as some kind of fact. Passive bi-amping is bi-amping, not bi-wiring, plain and simple. Your assertion that there is only one power supply in a receiver just shows that you're not very up to date on modern receiver design which employs multiple independent power amps with different transformers and capacitor banks inside the single receiver. If it were bi-wiring, you could leave the shorting posts in place...
Ease of use, gripping qualities, and aesthetics aside, a banana plug is a banana plug is a banana plug. Energy speakers accommodate banana plugs - period. If one were functionally different from another, then I suspect they would be called an apple plug or a pear plug.Well heck, if you're giving it away why not... send 'er on over
"Speaker section B" is typically for a second set of stereo speakers, not 5.1 so I wouldn't expect anything but the fronts to work. You should hook up the speakers properly to the Front A binding posts (and Surround R&L and Centre) and select Speakers A. The hook-up layout is rather misleading and makes the B fronts look more proper admittedly. Just a thought; have never used the receiver in question.As has been said, there is no 5.1 without a digital connection. Your...
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