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I think you need to stop thinking like an Energy fan and look at it from a business point of view. High-end is not the role that Klipsch is assigning to Energy sadly.To eliminate three competing brands. To use the NRC research data and facilities. To have a brand with which to dominate the entry-level market. I'm just glad I got in while the getting was good!
Energy has discontinued the manufacturing of the C-series, the RC-series, and the Veritas. The ESW-V subs are in their final production term (strangely short-lived). The new CF/CB line is the only thing that Energy is producing or has been announced as producing in the near future (excluding their HTiB offerings of course). Energy retailers are being stocked with Klipsch products for people who want anything more than the Energy products which are now relegated to...
"And how would one thing be connected to other?" he asked sitting bemused at the proclamation.
Read this. And act accordingly
Veritas are the best of that lot. But they're closing production of that line and the centre channel is very unspectacular (should you be building a home theatre).
Nobody has ever had any improvement bi-wiring any speaker to any equipment.
I'm in Canada. I can get just about any sub in the world with no real effort at all.A very quick glance at each sub's respective stats shows very quickly that the Veritas sub clobbers the C-Series sub in every way possible. The V8 extends to 26Hz. The C10 extends to 32Hz. The V8 is 200 watts RMS. The C10 is 150 watts RMS. The V8 is 800 watts dynamic. The C10 is 400 watts dynamic. The V8 has variable phase control. The C10 has only a 180° shift.
You should read this.
Nobody else has their speakers in your room, so their responses wouldn't have any meaning for you. Statistically, everything is fine with a crossover at 80Hz so that's where you should start. The C300's respond well down to 40Hz so you could drop their crossovers closer to that assuming your receiver allows for speaker-independent crossovers.
This one, without a doubt: 2 x c300 2 x c-50 1 x c-c50 But seriously go without a sub given the choices that you presented. Save up for a while and buy a decent one.
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