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14 gauge is fine up to 80 feet with 8 Ohms loads. For 30 feet you could use 18 gauge without any worries.
Respectfully, your vision of this room will - I think - end up being extremely disappointing from comfort, acoustic, and viewing perspectives. I would suggest this: Rotate your plans 90° counter-clockwise. Put your TV on the left-side-in-the-picture wall and have a single couch-loveseat-chair row of seating on the right-side-in-the-picture wall. Throw the other chair... pretty much anywhere out of the way. Space out your mains a bit, have your surrounds lined up with...
+1 big time. This "sub" clearly isn't something that belongs in a home theatre.
A and D are the best spots... but that said... yikes! Position B puts the sound along your ceiling and nobody wants that, it will sound most crappy. As has been gone over, you keep calling the C/D positions "rears" but they are suppose to be your surrounds and belong on the side walls facing each other. D at least puts them at the right height. It would be nice if you could mount them facing each other and pointing down a bit, but that could be tough. I would also...
Frankly, that demonstrates pretty quickly that you know nothing about subs. The Veritas subs are prime.The Velodyne is 12" compared to Energy's 8". Despite that, the Energy has the same RMS power and twice the dynamic power. The Velodyne extends 1 whole Hz lower despite its 12" woofer - that alone should make pretty clear the lesser build quality of the Velodyne. Add to that: compared to the V8, the Velodyne is positively ugly. So why would he want the ESW-V8? Cause...
The V8 is a beautiful sub that will, I imagine, serve you very well. Be aware however that the whole Energy RC series has been discontinued. You won't eventually get RC-30's - you'd be lucky to find them anywhere now (aside from the black ash ones that are disappearing just a little bit slower). The RC-LCR's are already just about creatures of mythical legend, you'd probably want to focus first and foremost on finding one of them.
Totem makes some impressive teensy-tiny subs.
The Energy Veritas sub would be my emphatic vote... be it the 8 or the 10. Don't look at the ESW-10 if you can afford one of the Veritas subs, they are nowhere near as good. The ESW-V10 is a supreme machine worth setting aside some extra money and getting a little bit later.
Energy's Veritas are and always have been built in Canada. Energy's C, CF/CB, and RC lines are and always have been built in China. The sale of Energy to Klipsch has not caused a change in this whatsoever.
The ESW-8 is 50 watts RMS, 200 peak. The S8.3 is 100 watts RMS, 400 peak. Despite that small tidbit of misinformation, I concur that a used subwoofer is an extremely bad idea. The ESW-10 would be a good way to get new with the performance of old.
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