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1) Yes. It's just an axiom that a better sub will indeed be better. 2) Yes. Audyssey helps anytime there are Room EQ problems. And for what it's worth, Sub Position #2 angled into the corner should produce the most bass for that room.
What's your question?
Yes mcnarus, it's all a conspiracy. The fact that pretty much everyone disagrees with you is just a sign that the pod-people have gotten to them.
Why do you feel that you are "forced" to use PLII? Just play the DD/DTS track and let the centre channel get folded into the mains.
It would appear that the RC line is simply being phased out to limit competition with the more expensive Klipsch lines while Energy's focus becomes cheaper entry-level speakers.
A couch in front of your speaker will most certainly affect your audio in a negative manner.
Unless you want to destroy the vinyl that you're playing, make sure that the table is set up properly (you're clearly not there right now). That means perfect alignment (get a good tool - this is hands-down the best I've ever used), perfect weight ("cranking it up" is a disastrous thing to do), perfect counter-weight, and the proper VTA. And before you start that, consider what cartridge you want to use as that's what affects the end sonic result that you'll get. The...
I was all ready to refer you over to Audioholics who usually does very good measurements and I thought that's where I had the article, but I can't re-find the link tonight. It shouldn't be a surprise though; the last two generations of Yamaha receivers have met or exceeded their published specs with all channels driven and the last three generations of Denon have done the same. It seems reasonable that Pioneer can almost make their published numbers or they'd be out of...
That Pioneer's measured 7-channel output is 110 watts/channel.
Ya, that's a nasty room for HT layout. Honestly, the only way that you're going to get a half-decent soundstage is to put the TV in the middle of the 15' wall with the front speakers flanking it. That would make the rears easy to place but the surrounds are going to be screwy no matter what you do. Honestly, I'd put the sofa's back-to-back with one facing the fireplace and one facing the TV on the 15' wall - offset a little bit with end tables filling in the overlaps. ...
New Posts  All Forums: