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The 3806 is a beautiful amp, you'll enjoy it. As far as power goes, it's important to keep in mind that with your speakers at a comfortably loud level, you'll still probably only be feeding them between 4 and 8 watts. If you actually stuck 100 continuous watts into them, you wouldn't be able to hear yourself think. Remember, the speaker ratings are for maximum continuous RMS power.
Hopefully you'll have a chance to A/B both speakers, because if you're leaning towards the Beta's then I think it'd really be worthwhile for you to spend some time hearing the Energy's. I prefer the C-500's bass, midrange, and high-end. I can think of any area where I'd regard the Beta's as superior. The Energy's are a very complete speaker that are better compared to speakers 2 or 3 times their cost than to the Infinities you're looking at.
Just because the HDMI issue won't seem to fall away from this thread, I thought people might want to have a glance over at: Motorola & Scientific Atlanta 8300HD HDMI switching issues (and there's links to the same problem with other models as well. Note that the issue has nothing at all to do with the receiver... Denon's HDMI implimentation does not require any fixing as some people seem to be stating.
Aside from all the HDMI discussion which seems to have a pretty conclusive answer (wait for the cable companies to send some flash upgrades to their equipment in the coming months), does anyone want to comment on the 2807's sound? They're due here within a couple weeks and I'd like to hear other people comment on what the unit sounds like with different equipment to give me an idea what to listen for when I go to audition it.
As has been pointed out, the 2807 has 24/192 Analog Devices DAC's. The ADC's are 24/96.
I also can't imagine someone with normal hearing saying that the soundstage is limited and the mid-bass is thin. I listen and I hear those as strengths of the speaker That review completely stuns me. I went to my favorite listening room again today and A/B'd the RC-70's against the 2.4i's (yes... again!). I took my own reference CD with me this time. For my money, I'm still leaving with the RC's. If I had other people's money, of course I'd take the 2.4i's but I...
There's a decent review of the RC-70's up at ultimateavmag. It's actually more a review of a surround system built around the RC-70's, but it's a good read all the same. Nice to see some attention starting
pack_tor... when i first got the speakers, i hooked them to a friend's rotel seperate setup. i made him let me keep it for a spell pleading that i wanted it to break the speakers in. sounded outstanding. alas, all good things eventually come to an end. i'm back to my base kenwood vr8050. honestly, i like the sound almost as much. i had it in my head that i'd have to bi-amp the RC-30's for my entry-level receiver to deal with them, but not so. the amp has plenty...
lol, ya a bit don't get me wrong, i've heard some awfully nice b&w, klipsch, the odd infinity, and my sentimental favorite big-butt 1978 kenwoods... but after several months of these RC-30's, the world of speaker-choices has condensed itself quite a bit. i've tried, but can't find a thing wrong with them. certainly there are speakers every bit as good out there, but not for anywhere near the RC's price. and none of them look as good i'd love to hear other RC-owners'...
ooooooo, an energy-thread! yay for that!! energy makes some unreal equipment. a while back i picked up a pair of the newish reference connoisseur-30's. they are absolutely astounding. first and foremost, the build quality is second to nobody in the business. the cherry and rosenut veneers are simply stunning to look at (and the kevlar cones are cool, haha). i'm not sure why they make the comparitively ugly black ash ones... nor do i understand who'd buy them...
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