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If your language is correct, you've hooked up rear speakers and don't have surrounds (which is wrong... very, very wrong). If that's the case, some things are happening correctly: a signal sent to your absent right surround is folded into the front right speaker, etc. Can you confirm that you haven't done this and are just mistakenly calling your surround speakers "rears?" You shouldn't be using any surround program for THX Optimizer (you don't want software screwing...
What would posses you to make such an outright wrong conclusion such as this?
Video in = Video out. All it does is pass it through without changing a single bit so the problem is most likely something imagined.
They are real phase plugs. Aluminum ones I do believe. In more exciting news (well for me at least), my cherry RC-10s arrived today. Audio Advisor shipped them *insanely* fast. I was prepared for quite a wait but their service has been excellent. Now if only I had some place to use them or put them!
There's no question that #2 is what you should be chasing. If you have somewhere that you can still get a C-C100, then jump at it without hesitation (rest assured, it'll be gone very soon!). The importance of the centre channel is always underestimated but it's the most important speaker in your system in a lot of ways. You want the best. #1 is what you do as a consolation plan. #3 is a terrible idea that you shouldn't even be thinking about.
Audyssey is indeed time-corrected as well as frequency-corrected. That is perhaps the main reason why it is so vastly superior to a PEQ. But also, it uses finite impulse response filters instead of PEQ's infinite impluse response filters which eliminates the smearing and ringing that PEQ systems create. For PEQ to compete, it would have to be 512-band, time-correcting, and completely change its filter-type. Hence... PEQ cannot compete
LOL... cute I really need to find something ridiculous to sell to people who will buy anything.
Lol... stop confusing this poor guy! Just go with the cheapest receiver amongst your Denon and Rotel offerings. Both will offer gads more power than you could ever dream of being able to use. Better yet, get a Denon 2809 which also has more power than you will ever access and save yourself a ton of money.
Avia will just screw up what any modern receiver can do much better all on its own.
Well, it's all personal opinion, but the V10 is one of the more musical subs that I've ever encountered. I've never particularly enjoyed Velodyne for anything though admittedly.
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