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I've had one of these units (55") for several years now and thus far no issues. I have a somewhat large traditional RS antenna in a one-story attic with both VHF/UHF elements making an approximate 50' run to this TV for backup access to OTA channels (use Verizon FiOS/TiVO DVR for primary viewing). Several weeks back I placed a dedicated Winegard FreeVision FVHD30H antenna behind (to the north) of the south facing RS antenna to use as a dedicated antenna to an inherited...
Not being an engineer by trade, I'm having difficulty understanding why attic signal reception Monday was better with my Winegard FVHD30H for my bedroom TV as opposed to a larger RS antenna with greater elements for my gameroom TV? PBS was a particular channel with which it wasn't locking on as strongly. The GR TV has a longer coax run from antenna to TV than the BR unit but I would think that the larger element coverage would balance it out, especially considering that...
47.2 now Parables Television Network. New network?
Don't know the cost of the other but mine was only $30+.
See #7174
My issues with 25. and 31. from a couple of days ago were corrected by relocating my attic antenna a couple of feet away from where it had been (and more vertical as opposed to angling upward slightly).
I've lost my 31. group as well as 25.1 (HSN2) here in Plano. Do these stations cut back on weekends or have I missed something else? I had attic work done yesterday and had to reposition the small antenna that I have there but for all intents and purposes it is exactly as it was during the week last week when all stations were fine and good.
Jewelry TV on 34-5 in Plano
Darn! I just realized that the inherited HDTV doesn't have a built-in guide. Heck, I can't even set the time zone via a clock setting. Still got a great pic from the small Winegard antenna though .
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