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Does anyone use the "IR Out" jack on the Moxi? I'm just curious in what applications you would use this. An "IR In" jack would seem to make more sense.
Moxi is alive and well. Awhile back Arris stated they were going to end guide data the end of 2013, but quickly retracted the statement from the Moxi.com site saying it was an error.
I recently went through my house and tested all my electronic equipment for power consumption using a Kill-a-watt meter. For anyone interested the SMP uses about 6 watts while on. I found it interesting that the SMP uses 4 watts in standby. Turning the "Quickstart" feature off allowed the device to fully turn off which will save about $3.50 annually . By comparison, my Roku 2 XS only uses 1 watt.
I use both Sony and Moxi DVR's with Wave Broadband with good results. If your looking for multiple tuners and multi-room viewing then I would go with the Moxi as it is has three tuners and multi-room is available through the Moxi Mates. When the Wave Broadband tech brought out my cablecard for the Moxi he said he had never seen one before.
Sounds like you are only getting the unencrypted channels like the cablecard isn't being paired properly. Moxi's quick start guide has some info on cablecard set-up. May be worth a call to Moxi tech support. I've heard they are helpful with setting up cablecards and may even assist on a 3-way call with your cable tech support. If you do end up getting one of WOW's new 6 tuner Moxi Ultra TV gateways, make sure and let us know how it compares to the retail Moxi.
Having a second Moxi would require an additional cablecard, and I don't believe you could delete recorded shows from another Moxi. I am happy with the Moxi's feature set and content provided they keep the lights on. My only gripe is I watch a lot of recorded shows from the Moxi Mate. My wife watches about 90% of her shows from the Mate. I am still rolling with the original 500GB drive, so I like to delete shows after watching to keep free space. This can't happen from...
After owning my Moxi since 9/2009, I finally christened it with a cablecard. Prior to this I was just using the channel mapping feature with all of the non-encrypted digital channels I received on limited-basic cable. Installation of the cablecard opened up a bunch of HD channels that I didn't receive before. It has kind of allowed me to explore the Moxi all over again. So I've been reading about the Moxi Gateway on WOW cable. From what I've read, it doesn't appear...
Art, I just came across your post about TVGOS on Wave cable (didn't realize there was a Wave Broadband forum on AVS). Did you ever get your Sony DVR to get listings? I am also using a Sony DHG-HDD250 on Wave as well as a Moxi HD DVR. A couple years back I had emailed Wave and got through to someone at tech support who was able to turn on the TVGOS inserter. It was working good for about a month then one day the listings stopped. I ended up just hooking an antenna to...
Interesting. Sounds like this is one area where the Roku 2 lacks. Although, not sure how many Netflix streams are encoded at 25 fps. The Xbox is definitely less noticeable. Good to know the SMP2 will handle these streams better as well.
The judder is really bad on a series my daughter watches called "H2O: Just Add Water". My daughter doesn't seem to mind, but I wouldn't want to sit through a movie with that much judder. Just out of curiosity I resumed the same episode from the Xbox and it played fine.
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