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Original is here:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...&&#post9083838
Here's a link to a zip file with photos you could use on your blog. Thanks for setting this up.http://homepage.mac.com/meldridge/cloudytv.zip
Jay, that's quoted from a reply I was sent from Sony's tier 2 tech support after an e-mail exchange asking me how changing the power saving, backlight, and light sensor settings affected the mura. After receiving it I posted it here. It was awhile ago but searching for some key works in the quote should bring it up.
Some of you may remember my e-mail exchanges with Ken Werner and LCD industry expert around mid-December. I sent him a follow up e-mail this week asking if he had found out anything. Here's the exchange: -------------------------------------------- Greetings Ken, I hope the new year find you well. We had an exchange in mid-December about the mura defects many owners of Sony's KDL-XBR2/3 line of LCD TV's are seeing. I was wondering if you had been able to gather any...
I'd really like to see more owners posting pictures of their mura'd XBR2/3. If you're having a problem take a picture and share it with us. I DO NOT want to get into a camera settings debate again. That's be beat to death. Turn the flash off and take a picture to upload. That's it. I'd like to see the severity of problems other owners are having.
Sorry about the mistyped URL that links to my pictures collection. Here's a good link: http://homepage.mac.com/meldridge/cloudytv.zip
Sounds like it's time once again for a link to a collection of mura defected TV's. Here's the link: http://homepage.mac.com/meldridge/cloudytv.zip For those of you that are new there's a lot of good examples in that zip file of what we're discussing on this thread. Someone else here had some posts on a photo site of a collection of photo's. Maybe they could post that link too.
You are correct. Please take pictures of the same scenes without the flash and I believe we will see mura defects. For the record I still have noticeable mura using petmic10's ISF calibrated settings. Using those settings my backlight is set to 2. Way below the max. The only way I can get rid of the mura is to turn power saving to low or high and turn on the light sensor. These settings are unacceptable to me because of their affect on picture quality.
Ahh good. We're back up. I was worried there when the new thread disappeared. Lets keep it on topic people.
Can we be assured that the old thread will remain accessible? There's a lot of information in there that's very relevant to our case. If we lose it we're losing a lot of time and effort put into this problem.
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