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I posted this issue in the tracker almost 2 months ago - maybe more now. I did not open a case... I use the Echo sparingly in a bedroom that sees light use, so my urgency has been minimal and experience with the product in general has been pretty good; definately not perfect though.My xbox does not have any issues playing back music through WMC. That said, I'm not using it through an AVR or anything.
Have you guys seen the REL Gibraltar sub? I always thout it *looked* really good (unsure on actual performance), having a semi-curved cabinet which would look pretty good next to the 800 series diamond speakers. I have the 528 and fiinish fits in perfect with my other speakers.
Great advice, thank you guys! I forgot to mention one crucial/all important detail - due to my current room layout (15x17), the location of my curret SR/SL speakers are currently wall mounted. This area is also how folks enter the second row of seating (up a step into the second row).If I were to put the 803's in those areas, I would be blocking entry into the second row - unfortunately, the back rear corners of the room are the only practical place they'll fit......
I put in my order for a pair of 802D2's in Piano Black on Friday! Definately looking forward to their arrival. I'd like some opinions on setup - my current 7.1 consists of 803D2 L/R, HTM2D2 Center, CM5s for SL/SR and another pair of CM5s for SBL/SBR. I plan on moving my 803D2's to the back which would take the place of SBR/SBL channels that 1 pair of CM5's currently occupy. I'm wondering if I should stick with the 7.1 setup that would still contain a pair of CM5s for...
Good for you! Some lost time, but you'll be happier for sure. So did you return both with you or just the one damaged?
Right - so I'm confused on why all the talk about issues with hardware quality? The device itself seems to be made well IMO. As someone mentioned earlier, the issues seem to be FW issues and development time to address - and to a certain extent, possible limitations with the Freescale proc that they're having to work around (speculating here).
Is there actual confirmation or evidence of an actual hardware defect with the Echo?
What if you remove (or reduce) the option to only rip files >60m. I have mine @ 240seconds.
DivxMF is what's needed for proper playback on extenders. I suppose you could try installing the divx media foundation on top of your lav installation, but I have no idea what proper configuration would be. It seems easier to me to uninstall LAV, install Shark007 and enable divxmf in the mkv tab... assuming we're talking about mkv playback.
I have a similar setup to your option B - but swapped the amp/pre-pro. I have 803Diamonds, HTM2Diamond center, Rotel RSP-1572 pre-pro, Classe 5300 amp and a Rotel 100wpc 2ch amp (7.1 setup). I like this setup - the funny thing is that I actually was in process of buying the Rotel RMB-1575 but it was severely back-ordered last year, so I ended up with the Classe amp instead... My logic was that the amp will (hopefully) give me a longer-term investment than the pre-pro...
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