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They aren't even in the same league as Sierra 1s much less just as good.
I like the matte black option for dedicated home theaters. That is some nice catering to a specific application.
I'm highly disappointed that you guys did no comparisons running the speakers full range. I get you guys' reasoning for doing so but highly disagree. They were designed as tower speakers with bottom end extension and y'all neutered them all down to monitors. If you do another please do a fair amount of full range listening comparisons.
This sounds like you've not heard the NrTs but are already convinced they will sound worse?
Really? A thread praising a product you haven't heard nor have you heard other products that compete against it?
No. Occasionally electronic companies use Ascend speakers at CES to showcase their products. I believe Virtue Audio was the latest to do so.
SVS knew they didn't know sub design and hired TC Sounds to design for them in the beginning. But they certainly did know customer service.
Wow this stuff is so AV123 v.2. MLS' crap has raised the bar for what ID companies neeed to do to win over the public. Fan boys are going to have a much tougher time shouting down those that question what they are being told.
Only a few people have heard the Sierra tower prototypes but the Sierra 1s get compared to Paradigm's Signature line's S2s not the Studio line. 340SEs would be a comparable speaker to the Studio 60s.Here is what a professional reviewer who owns Paradigm Sig 2s says..."... From the very beginning, I could tell that the Sierra-1 had outstanding clarity, and was conveying much more low-level detail than any other under-$1000 two-way I’d ever heard -- qualities that became...
Considering the sub's leg is visible for context they aren't that blown up. After the AV123 charity theft stuff someone is going to have to show me their tax return before I believe claimed charitable contributions.
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