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Looking forward for XBR-65X900B or XBR-55X900B.
I have interest on UN65HU9000F, waiting for reviews before to jump in. Shipping start in April 7. Price was cheaper as you can see here: http://randomimagecollection.blogspot.com/2014/03/samsung-2014-4k-uhd-led-tv-un65hu9000f.html
They should just drop HDMI forever and focus on DP (display port) only.
XBR-85X950B: $25K Yes, they ARE crazy.
Prices, all MSRP: KDL-40W600B 40-inch $499.99 KDL-48W600B 48-inch $649.99 KDL-60W630B 60-inch $2299.99 KDL-50W800B 50-inch $1399.99 KDL-55W800B 55-inch $1699.99 KDL-60W850B 60-inch $2299.99 KDL-70W850B 70-inch $2899.99 KDL-55W950B 55-inch $2499.99 KDL-65W950B 65-inch $3299.99 XBR-49X850B, XBR-55X850B, XBR-65X850B, XBR-70X850B: ? XBR-55X900B, XBR-65X900B, XBR-79X900B: ? XBR-65X950B and XBR-85X950B: arms, legs, head, etc, etc.
I watched XBR-65X905A here on Chile few days ago, it was displaying Sony 4K demos. I was there for about 30min. Only few shots impressed me. The rest was just like watching a nice 1080p, even begin displayed in real 4K the whole time. Probably 65" is way too small to impress. I'm glad I did see the unit, now I can wait without any rush... 4K isn't there yet.
For street price, no.RS49 is under $5K, but not that much, and VW600 is over $10K, but also not for that much.And the pace we are going, 4K will be reality for the "mass" only around 2018.
The price gap between RS49 and VW600 is "just" over the double.
In my opinion VW500ES vs X500 was unfair it should be with X700 at least (due the price difference).
Bigger screen sure helps to immerse you on film/movie. This is why I'm tired with TV only and going for projector now, there is no comparison. Looks like the projector is good enough for 140". I'd go 2.37:1 screen, due to the trade off with 16:9 and 4:3, and not far from 2.39:1.
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