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avsform, what stimulus level did you use for your cms calibration, 75 or 100%? (or something different from those?)
It supports both as far as I know. The only way I know to change between the two is with whatever device you're using to play the media. For example I can select either one with my PS3 and also when using my HTPC I can select either one via the settings of my video player software.
I get my first cable card free, and the second is something like $2.50. My tivo lifetime service pays for it's self in less than 3 yrs @ $399.
Consumer Reports indicates Vizio is really no better, and no worse than any other major brand when it comes to reliability (IOW, average) . I would be interested in hearing what evidence you have that would show CR is incorrect. The Consumer Reports numbers are posted in a few places on this thread.
Audyssey Multeq Sounds like you're talking about the auto setup features that most home theater receivers used 7+ years ago. Now, software (like audyssey in the link above) is common on even entry level AVRs. My previous HT recv. (Onkyo) cost about $250 and it included 2eq which uses three measurements (MultEQ) from the listening area. My current unit (Denon) which cost about $850, uses six measurements and also applies filters to the sub. Setting the crossover, speaker...
I probably could have handled it better with the lady I spoke with last week when I had to call comcast because the cisco HD box that's connected to my kids TV was showing the message "Box not authorized". I had already unplugged and rebooted the box before I called and went along when she asked me to do that even though I just wanted he to resend the auth signal. I was willing to go down the rest of the list with her, but I drew the line when she told me it was probably...
Make sure "Smooth Motion Effect" is not off, it needs to be set to either low, med, or high in order to adjust Real Cinema Mode. If you want it off, then I think it's turned off when "Smooth Motion Effect" is turned off (even though it may not show off in the menu, if you can't change it then it should be disabled).
I didn't think there were any non-LED LCD sets that have local dimming. I thought LED backlights are required for local dimming to be possible.
Mine is doing double duty as a TV and a HTPC Monitor. It's hooked up to my computer via HDMI and my wife and daughter like to use it to surf the web during the day. I asked them about any lag problems with the mouse and they said it acts just like our desktop in the office...no problems.
Same thing in 77089 (Beltway/I-45 Just outside of Pearland), channels are there, but TiVo has not updated the guide data.
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