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I took his post to mean watching a recorded show while recording on both tuners and I can understand the frustration. Luckily I have a couple HD TiVos, but I would be very angry if I couldn't watch a recorded show while recording two others (we do this very often), we're at the point that we see only a few minutes of commercials a week. Living in a new subdivision, ATT U-Verse seems to have plenty of bandwidth here and the PQ from U-Verse on my neighbors Kuro is at least...
Try this one- 554 Thread it's for the 55", but the 47 is very similar besides the obvious panel size difference.
Just wondering, what kind of numbers did you get? I've been very happy gaming with my 553 especially after the first update mine downloaded back in Oct/Nov (about 2 updates ago). Before that on some games I really noticed the lag at times. (I assume you also have the latest firmware)
See message #1583 in this thread. It indicates that the update to firmware ver. C1.2.22_RC1 improved the response time. Nobody has posted any numbers from the latest update so it's unknown if that one improved the response time even more.Post #1583 (11-04-2010):
Quote: Originally Posted by mmatheny Just checked today, and I have the new channels on both my cablecard HTPC and my cable box. Mike, are you actually able to watch the channels (as opposed to them only showing up in the guide)? Just checking since I see you are in Dickinson and I had heard comcast is going North to South with the upgrade.
You may not get a quick answer because that question has been asked (and answered) quite a few times. If I remember correctly there are posts on the subject just a few pages back, also there is thread search feature that works pretty well.http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/searc...rchid=17090472
Yes, 790 (ESPN 3DHD) does show up along with 791.
I got a message the other day on my HD Tivo that the new channels had been added (qall of them from the list). The Tivo added them to my guide, but none of the channels are active...black screens. I'm in zip code 77089, anybody else with a Tivo get the message, but not the channels?
I know a "friend" that's been over almost every month for the past year or so (300+ every month), and he hasn't heard one word from comcast.
I think it's 5.1 audio coming from OTA sources that can't be passed through unless it's down mixed...everything else should be ok.
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