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I think it's 5.1 audio coming from OTA sources that can't be passed through unless it's down mixed...everything else should be ok.
Quote: Originally Posted by DSulls Unfortunately, the optical output doesn't pass through 5.1 audio. So if he's ever watching Blu-ray movies or HD stuff that's coming through a cable box, his audio would be downgraded to stereo and that basically defeats the purpose of the AVR He could always go "Old School" and use optical or coaxial to the Onkyo directly from the cable box, Blu-Ray, and/or PS3. I remember about 7 or 8 years ago using all 4...
I'm not 100% sure I understand your question, but the way I'm reading it sounds like you activated the ARC function using your Onkyo (which was working), then you wanted to turn the Onkyo off and use the TV speakers? If that's the case (and I'm just guessing as I don't have a ARC AVR), I would think you would have to first make sure the TV speaker output is on in the Vizio Audio menu then if that doesn't work you may have to turn CEC funtion to off. I guess I'm also...
I know this question was asked about a month ago, but I wanted to share my experience purchasing a pair of refurbished Monitor 60s from PolkAudio on eBay. Buying a refurb from Polk was a awesome deal...really the only drawback is the warranty is 2 years instead of the regular 5 years (not a big deal for me). The great thing was what I found when I removed the drivers in order to add some more sound dampening. All three drivers from each speaker and each tweeter had a...
The difference with this set is you have to wait for the server to actually send it to you which may take a day or two, or more (unless it already has the latest firmware already loaded). You can't just download it yourself, or request it to update...when the set is off (in standby) for a certain amount of time it reports to the server it's firmware version then the set is placed in the queue for update if needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by JukeBox360 Was thinking the same thing. I plan to buy this set with in the next week or to. I'll do a full review on what I think of the set. It will be in full detail to the best I can. I'm no pro but it will defiantly help the average consumer. You may want to be sure your new set has the current firmware (listed in several places in this thread)...it will download and install on it's own. The reason i say that is...
The "CEC thing" is the only way I know of to use ARC with the XVT3. You must have the latest firmware, if you do I'm sure someone at Onkyo or Vizio would be happy to help...give them a call. There are a few posts back around first of year from people that have ARC working. Take a look at those as well.
No 3D, no matter where you get the signal, you will only get a (very nice, IMO) 2D image with this model.
I also just got DS 2 from a friend and was about to post the same thing. Those two examples you give are pretty much what I've noticed as well (the pause symbol shows the most blooming for me).
Guess we'll have to see if others chime in as my menu button brings up the "Vizio HDTV Settings" menu taking up the left side of the screen, top to bottom. Weird if mine is the only one that does that, serves as a little shortcut for me to adjust settings.
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