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Thanks again to everyone. I didn't think I could easily move content from the Verizon DVR to a computer hard drive. I have a relatively new PC. Do I need any specail equomnet/software otehr than what came on the computer to do this?
Thanks .. Any suggestions how to best hook up the magnovox dvdr given i will not use its hard drive capability and only will use it to burn disks from the verizon fios dvr. One of the dvrs I have is hooked up through my receiver and the other dvr is hooked up directly to my tv. Thanks.
Hi .. I'm a newbie & appreciate your help. I'd like to burn some DVDs of recordings stored on my Verizon Fios DVR. I'd like the DVR recorder to be portable as I have two DVRs. Would the Sony Diret DVD Recorder MC-6 work? And something I could connect easily? Also would movies off Turner Classic typically be copyright protected or could i burn a dvd? Thanks
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