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My impression is the opposite; music not so good, movies AWESOME!It almost sounds as if you had your speakers connected wrong to the amp, or the line outs from the Marantz to the amp wrong (hearing most of the movie from your surrounds and almost nothing from the mains).Anyway, I say we are opposite because with Audyssey activated, movies sound superb and breathtaking. So do music concerts (blu rays) such as John Mayer.Music however, the sound is good, but not mind...
I did it on my iPhone and it worked fine, although it sounded awful.I tried my iPad and I couldn't see anywhere on the iPad to "airplay" it to the 8801......
It seemed that it was occurring with every disc, although I do not use the player and the system very often.Since shutting everything down and trying it again just now to troubleshoot more, it seems to be working fine. In fact, when I put it the Blu Ray Batman Dark Knight Rises, it even asked if I wanted to resume from th elast point played. I selected that and that ejected it and it worked fine.Weird, but thanks for the responses.....
Love my 103. Tried to search the topic, 0 results; When I am watching a disc and the movie ends, I try to open the disc tray to eject the movie, but the tray wont open. I push the "stop" button, then the open button, and it wont open. I try the remote open button, still wont work. Same if the movie is still playing..... The only way to get the tray to open up is if I turn it off and back on again. Any thoughts? EDIT, I was in the Oppo BDP-103 thread and I thought I...
Ive never tried airplay on mine, even though I have an iPad and an iPhone. How does one activate it on the 8801?
I t was posted in the last few pages;Network settings I think, turn off USB in standby
Here is my attempt at uploading a photo;
Thats why I love this forum; Always great adice and suggestions!I will try to post a photo later to show the speakers, but the mains and sub are all against the wall and very close to the same distance from the listening area.Still waiting for a suggestion as to why using the 7.1 analogue output/inputs from my Oppo 93 to the 8801 sounds tinny/not as rich or full as the using the HDMI for audio. It is a big difference.
I should add that I do not have Dynamic EQ or Dynamic volume (or whatever) activated. I also have the sub settings to SUB+LFE for the main front speakers. And I have run Audessy.Also, I did the update last night and it went thru without a hitch!
I was listening to "The Rides" new CD, "Cant Get Enough" tonight with my Oppo connected to my 8801 via HDMI. While listening, I went into the 8801s menu and switched the input from HDMI to 7.1 and the sound was thinner and with less bass. I went back to HDMI and it sounded real nice, fuller and more oomph. All channels including the sub are connected for the 7.1
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