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Is the Samsung PN58B550T2 the current model then?
Thanks gwsallen. This is very helpful info.
Im guessing they are all awesome tvs and I can't go wrong with any of them?
Both are on sale at a certain website. So I'm gonna buy one of them. Also for the same price I can get the Samsung PN58B550T2. This tv seems to have some sweet anti-glare tech in it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
What is the warranty on the tv? If its 1 year I'm ok, if its 6 months I'm out of luck.
I am running component for my Xbox 360 and I will see the white sparkles there also. Its strange because sometimes there will be alot of these sparkles and other times very few.
It is white sparkles, and turning the brightness down does help but i have to put it around 50 which i don't like to have that low. I like to keep my brightness at 65. Is there anything else I should try?
I have had this tv for about 6 months now. I never had any problems with it until the past month or so I began to notice an interference pattern during dark scenes. Its worst near the middle of the screen. I've always had my settings cranked pretty high up, even for the breakin period I never did anything special for it and never had any problems until recently. Does anybody know what the problem might be? Thanks
Well I made the choice a couple months ago between a Panny TH-50PZ700U, and the Sammy FPT5084. Price was a wash because they were very close in price at that time. I went with the Sammy because after I played with the settings in the store with both tvs, it seemed to me that the Sammy had better picture quality and sharpness.
I have a Samsung FPT5084 and its about 2 months old. I have noticed that it looks significantly better now than it did when I first bought it. I was wondering why this happens? What is the technical reason that this happens? Thanks.
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