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That doesn't tell me how to "unlock" the advanced feature inside the service menu. I can get into the service menu but the advanced area is grayed out. I'm guessing there is a 4 digit code that has to be entered. Anyone know it?
Does anyone know how to turn off CE Dimming? I can get into the Service Menu but I cannot get into the Advanced section.
There are several in this thread. Try them and pick your favorite.
If you want it properly calibrated you'll have to do it yourself. All sets and viewing environments are different. I posted my setting for Movie Mode but I wouldn't consider them "proper" for your set.Go get the Disney WOW disc. It's worth every penny.
How are you calibrating these without equipment?
I've got 9 years on my 2012 and it's holding up great.
What sound settings are you talking about. I don't use the TV's speakers so I'm not familiar with it. But I don't recall many options on the sound.
My latest settings: Picture Mode: Standard BL: 12 Contrast: 90 Brightness: 50 Sharpness: 25 Color: 38 Tint: G50/R50 Dynamic Contrast: Off Black Tone: Off Flesh Tone: 0 RGB: Off Color Space: Auto Gamma: 0 Motion Lighting: Off Color Tone: Warm2 DNF: Off MPEG NF: Off Film Mode: Off Auto Motion Plus: Clear LED Motion: Off
Mine is crystal clear.
Will get these up tonight if I can. Didn't write them down so I have to grab them off the tv. I have calibrated with Movie mode. It looks good...but I just prefer Standard. If I had a flashlighting issue I'd definitely leave it on Movie but I don't. And Standard just "pops" a little more. Movie mode almost has a haze to it.
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